By way of introduction…


By way of introduction, this is probably a “mommy blog”. I swore I would not ever write a mommy blog. I have actually made fun of mommy bloggers a lot (as if I don’t have better things to do with my life…) But I think this might be a mommy blog.

This project was not really my idea, but encouraged by some of the people at work. I haven’t been able to shake it, so I thought I would give it a try instead.

It probably won’t be your typical mommy blog, probably because I’m not your typical mommy.

One of the guys who works “for” me says he appreciates my contradictions the most. I think he means that I’m not normal and, for as not normal as I am, I come across surprisingly normal.

For example, I’m a “career mom” – a full time working mother – who originally intended on quitting my job the second my husband was done with school. I loved my job, but couldn’t wait to quit. It’s interesting to see how my desires and beliefs have evolved over the last few years. One day I hope to quit my job, to stay at home with my children full time as we homeschool them. But I also really love the work that I do and am pragmatic about how much my husband can make working in EMS, which he loves. I’m not rushing to quit my job and I’m thankful for the research that’s showing how working women bless their children’s lives, especially their daughters’. I’m also thankful for the kind of partnership it requires between my husband and I, where neither of us is the sole breadwinner or the sole housekeeper.

Another example, I appear relatively un-crunchy. My baby wears regular diapers and I often joke “We’re republicans. We don’t recycle” (we’re not really republicans…). I don’t buy organic food and I often buy my clothes from Walmart (even though I know better). And yet, I use essential oils, herbs and homeopathics, shun vaccines and had my baby girl at home.

I also firmly believe in karma, that you get back what you give out. I think energy is very powerful and that caring for your chakras is important. And I find no contradiction between these things and my Latter-day Saint (Mormon) faith.

Politically, I’m a conservative but I flatly reject the title of Republican. I am technically a registered republican in the state of Utah, but the day I registered I think I died a little bit inside. I don’t believe in political parties. I don’t believe in playing politics. I believe in principles and I believe that you rise or fall on your principles.

I feel like my life is a series of contradictions. And apparently some people think it’s interesting. Or they wouldn’t have encouraged me to blog about it.

I tend to get pretty outspoken on things that matter. I worry that my outspokenness might cause people not to listen to me as much. I don’t want to be seen as a know-it-all. Yet, I keep sharing. In fact, I really struggle to keep my mouth shut. You probably know exactly who I am withing 10 minutes of meeting me and exactly what I think just by watching me. And ultimately I’m ok with that.


About laceyluwho

I'm a common-sense, call it like I see it girl who has just one too many opinions for her own good. I was raised by politically involved parents who encouraged me to develop my own thoughts and instilled a sense of civic responsibility.

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