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Monkey and the Doctor


K… so this is officially a Mommy blog with this post.

Baby Monkey and I went to the doctor today. We saw a nice pediatrician who was recommended to me by a handful of “birthy” acquaintances and an alternative-minded friend.

He was great. He checked her out, asked if I had any concerns, listened to me, provided feedback and responded to my comments.

When I asked about vaccines (he did not just expect to vaccinate my child) and he said “I’m pretty flexible. It’s your choice.” He didn’t try to make me feel like a bad parent because I am hesitant about vaccines.

That was so refreshing, which is really, really sad.

Like many parents, I have serious questions about vaccines and what the real effects are on children.

What are the risks? What are the benefits? What are the long-term effects? Are there independent studies (not government or pharmaceutical company funded)? What is actually in each of these vaccines? What is the reporting accuracy of VAERS? What are the “must-have” vaccines and what is really unnecessary? Are there less risky options that accomplish the same goal?

These are the questions we should be able to ask our children’s doctors and we shouldn’t be vaccinating our kids until we have good answers.

Unfortunately, too many medical professionals aren’t willing to ask these questions or even have a parent ask them.

The first appointment I tried to set up was with the pediatric clinic just down the street from where we live. They wouldn’t see us because I am unwilling to vaccinate “on schedule” unless someone can answer these questions for me.

A lot of parents run into similar problems. I live in a metro area and so I have other options. But what about parents in more isolated areas? What happens when their choice is to vaccinate or not ever see a doctor?

In the end, Monkey is perfectly healthy. I knew she was healthy. I didn’t really need to take her to the doctor except that my insurance requires it to keep my rate (that’s a rant for a different day).

It was a new experience for both me and Monkey and honestly sort of fun and interesting.

I had the sort of experience every doctor should give their patients. So I will go back for her 6 and 12 month checkups. But thank goodness I have options.