I’m a conservative Mormon hippie. Any one or even two of those might make sense but all three of them together makes me unusual, at least in “common thought” sense.

I think there are more of us (conservative Mormon hippies) than we realize. We just go about our lives quietly, content to be our own little counterculture.

Except that I am not quiet. I don’t even know how to be quiet. I am loud and sometimes brash and totally committed to what I believe in. I have (reluctantly) accepted the title of “feminist” which probably adds to my nature of eternal contradiction.

I work full time for a television station in the Salt Lake Valley. It’s a pretty good job and I feel very blessed to have it. I love TV, keeping up with current events and always knowing things first. Someday I’d like to quit my job and pursue a career in politics in addition to being a “SAH” parent.

I talk a lot about politics and current events. In many ways, politics was – and still is – my first love. I consider myself intellectually consistent. My one goal politically is to expand people’s freedoms. I have another blog project at RightsAndReason.WordPress.com where I and others speak about libertarian ideals.

I’m also a big fan of all things childbirthy. It’s one part hobby, one part weird obsession. I recently finished training as a Sacred Postpartum “Mother Roaster” (a form of postpartum doula) and care for women after their babies are born. I’m a fierce advocate of a woman’s right to have her baby where and how she pleases and consider myself an unofficial “normal birth” educator. One of the places my feminism shines strongest is when talking about taking control of the pregnancy and childbirth process.

I’m currently working on other ways to expand my capacity for natural healing. The earth has given us so many ways to heal ourselves it’s almost criminally negligent to me to just pop a pill. I love working with herbs and am learning more about my spiritual gifts including the gift of healing.

You can find our more about my postpartum care and natural healing services at MotherHeartServices.com

I’m a wife to an amazing man who is both wonderful and incredibly frustrating. He is quiet and unassuming and balances out my loud and in-your-face personality wonderfully. He pushes me in quiet ways, puts up with my rants and tantrums and makes me want to be better. We don’t have a perfect marriage, but it’s pretty great.

He’s an Emergency Medicine student (as in EMTs, Paramedics, etc.) in addition to working part time and being a “stay at home” dad, which makes our life kinda hectic.

We have a beautiful little girl who challenges us every day. She is bright eyed, curious and keeps us forever on our toes. Being a mom is great and it has been such an incredible learning experience.

Sometimes my life is a little crazy, but I love it. I love living my crazy, contradictory, conservative, Mormon, (feminist), hippie life.


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